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'The Gambling Establishment' is published - a must read

Wednesday 18 September 2019

An important new book will be out in a few days time: The Gambling Establishment: Challenging the Power of the Modern Gambling Industry and Its Allies, by Jim Orford, published by Routledge. It will be of interest to anyone who...

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The tide is turning against the gamling industry

Friday 09 August 2019

Great BBC TV programme available online at from 4 July 2019. Comedian Lloyd Griffith fails to double his money during a week of gambling, exposing in the process the exploitative tricks of the modern gambling industry and the consequent dangers...

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Gambling with Lives launch shows the tide is turning

Saturday 17 November 2018

Tuesday this week, 13th November 2018, was the launch of Gambling with Lives (GwL) at the Houses of Parliament. The event was extremely well attended by individuals and organisations active in the fields of gambling treatment, policy and research and...

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Gambling with Lives

Thursday 16 August 2018

Gambling with Lives (GwL) is a new group started by the parents of a young man with a gambling addiction who committed suicide. They are naturally grief stricken but also very angry at the way they believe their son was,...

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FOBT Stake Cut to £2 Maximum

Thursday 17 May 2018

The Government has at last seen sense and done what we and so many others have been asking for. Today it has announced it is bringing the maximum stake per spin on the casino games gambling machines – the Fixed...

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What do you think about online gambling marketing: Gambling Commission wants to know

Tuesday 13 February 2018

The Gambling Commission (GC) has announced that it is working with the Competition and Markets Authority to make sure that online gambling companies bring their promotions and offers into line with consumer protection law. This looks as if it mainly...

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Government's disappointing consultation document regarding FOBTs

Friday 01 December 2017

Several months later than originally expected, DCMS – which meanwhile has become DDCMS, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport – has produced, not the expected decisive action about FOBTs and advertising, but instead a further consultation document which postpones...

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Gambling: a big public health problem neglected

Friday 15 September 2017

The Gambling Commission has just published a summary of British survey findings for 2015. The results are not new but this is the first time they have put together the results from separate surveys carried out in England, Scotland and...

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TV drama shows gambling machine addiction

Saturday 01 July 2017

The problems associated with the kinds of gambling machines now to be found in betting shops throughout Britain’s towns and cities, tending to be concentrated in poorer areas, are becoming so well-known that they now feature in primetime television drama....

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Are we seeing a backlash against liberalised commercial gambling?

Monday 05 June 2017

I have seen a couple of signs just recently that the tide might be turning against the establishment assumption that a strong, innovating and widely advertised commercial gambling sector is necessarily a good thing for the UK. First was the Gambling...

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Gambling problems are costing Government hundreds of millions

Friday 13 January 2017

An important report came out at the end of 2016. This was from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), an influential and progressive British thinktank. They have calculated what they think are the excess costs to Government associated with...

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What shall we say to the Government enquiry on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals?

Monday 07 November 2016

Good news! Well maybe, let’s wait and see what the actual outcome is. But we do welcome the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) putting out a general call for evidence about the FOBTS – the Fixed Odds Betting...

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Honest admissions by prominent gambling establishment figure

Thursday 11 August 2016

Gambling Commission’s former Chair talks at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA)   Following his five years as Chair of the Gambling Commission, Philip Graf was invited to speak to an audience at the RSA on 19 July. His title was, Getting...

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The Times highlights gambling problems

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Did you see the Times of 17th February which devoted part of its front page, a whole double-page spread and an editorial to gambling and specifically the FOBT machines? It is good to see the issue getting the publicity it...

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British gambling policy: Business As Usual for 2016

Monday 18 January 2016

Are there any signs that British gambling policy is changing for the better? Two recent public meetings might suggest some cautious optimism. One was a Keynote Seminar on Gambling in the UK: Growth, Regulation and Social Impact, organised by the...

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Jim Orford from Gambling Watch UK talks to George Galloway

Monday 16 February 2015

George Galloway and his wife Gayatri wanted to know how gambling has been allowed to get so out of hand. In this interview Jim gives them an overview of how this has happened, how significant was the careless policy of...

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Labour Party's sports betting levy idea criticised

Monday 18 August 2014

The idea behind the Labour Party’s consultation document ‘More Sport for All’, recently announced by Harriet Harman, Labour’s Shadow Culture Secretary, is excellent as are most of the specific policy ideas explored in the document. Encouraging people of all ages...

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World Cup betting: Should we be concerned?

Friday 13 June 2014

The World Cup from Brazil is on and like many others I shall be keeping an eye on the television to follow the progress of England and others. When I do I can't help being exposed to regular advertisements by...

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Betknowmore UK - a new social enterprise

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Betknowmore UK is a new non-profit, social enterprise. Our mission to to develop and deliver new, innovative, support services, to tackle issues around problematic gambling and addiction. We aim to provide services which are dedicated to helping people move away from...

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Children and young people: government and industry failing to protect

Wednesday 16 October 2013

One of the better established facts, based on research carried out in several countries, is that young people are especially vulnerable to problem gambling. It has been suggested that the problem of young people’s problem gambling may have been growing...

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Local authorities helped to control betting shops

Thursday 19 September 2013

The main railway station in Birmingham, where I live and work, is undergoing major renovation. Its new main entrance was opened earlier this year. Directly opposite is a multi-fronted betting shop run by one of the big betting chains. Turn...

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The Gambling Commission fails to apply its own precautionary principle in its advice about FOBT stakes and prizes

Friday 19 July 2013

The Gambling Commission has written to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport giving its advice on what should be done about maximum stakes and prizes for gambling machines. The Secretary of State is expected to announce the...

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Irresponsible statement by Chair of Responsible Gambling Trust

Thursday 21 March 2013

Gambling Watch UK has been critical of the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT) since its launch in April 2012. For a start we think that this way of deciding how gambling research, treatment and prevention should be funded is quite wrong:...

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Gambling and Alcohol, Parallels and Shared Solutions: a New Report

Thursday 21 February 2013

A Losing Bet? Alcohol and Gambling: Investigating Parallels and Shared Solutions, a report by Alcohol Concern and the Royal College of Psychiatrists There is a great deal in common in the nature of alcohol and gambling problems and in the ways...

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Government fails to deal with Fixed Odds Betting Terminals on the high street but resists the Select Committee’s call to make them even more available

Monday 21 January 2013

On January 15th, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) published the Government’s response to the July 2012 CMS Select Committee’s report into the implementation of the 2005 Gambling Act. Gambling Watch UK had been appalled by that report’s...

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New Gambling Research focuses on Irresponsible Players rather than Dangerous Gambling Products

Wednesday 05 December 2012

Gambling Watch UK has already been critical of the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT) as a gambling industry-led body which disburses funds for gambling research, education and treatment in Britain (see UK News/Launch of the RGT). RGT now proposes a half...

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The gambling industry levy: £25 million would be a more appropriate target

Wednesday 31 October 2012

The industry levy: £25 million would be a more appropriate target for the annual contribution of the British gambling industry to research and treatment. The new Responsible Gambling Trust, the Gambling Commission, and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport Committee,...

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Social Work is Neglecting Problem Gambling

Friday 26 October 2012

Social Work is Neglecting Problem Gambling  It is now well established that problem gambling is linked to many individual and social problems including; depression, suicide, significant debt, bankruptcy, family conflict, domestic violence, neglect and maltreatment of children, and offending. One expert...

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'Hard' FOBT gambling: alarming and illogical recommendations from the Culture, Media and Sport Committee

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Gambling Watch UK, like others, was waiting with interest to see what this report on the workings of the 2005 Gambling Act had to say about Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs or B2 machines). For a start, the report contains...

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Channel 4 Dispatches puts the spotlight on FOBT machines and betting shops

Tuesday 07 August 2012

The harm being done by the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals and the clustering of betting shops in poorer areas came across clearly in last night’s Channel 4 programme. Among other things it cited the estimate, based on analysis of 2010...

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FOBT Machine Gambling Starts to get the Publicity it Deserves

Sunday 29 July 2012

SCHOOL kids as young as 16 are gambling illegally in high street bookies, a Sun investigation has revealed. We sent a team of 16 and 17-year-olds to a dozen shops — and SIX allowed them to use highly addictive gambling...

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The Expansionist Aspirations of the UK Online Gambling Industry

Monday 25 June 2012

I recently attended a half day seminar on The UK Online Gambling Industry. The seminar was organised by the Westminster eForum which 'aims to provide [an] environment for policymakers in Parliament, Whitehall and regulatory agencies to engage in timely discussion...

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Quaker Action on Alcohol and Drugs Welcomes Gambling Watch UK

Thursday 31 May 2012

Gambling Watch is a welcome addition to the gambling landscape. The last few years have seen many changes as regards gambling: it is now widely advertised on the media, particularly via sporting events and on television - and advertising can...

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Launch of the Responsible Gambling Trust

Friday 25 May 2012

April 2012 saw the launch of the new body – the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT), which replaces the old Responsible Gambling Fund (RGF).  The RGT takes over responsibility for disbursing the funds for gambling treatment and research which are voluntarily...

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The Saturday Guardian Money Section talks to leading experts

Wednesday 02 May 2012

Two-thirds of patients treated at the UK's first specialist problem gambling clinic have indicated that controversial fixed odds betting terminals encouraged their addiction. Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones, who set up the NHS National Problem Gambling Clinic in London in 2008, also told...

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High Streets First - putting the high street before betting shops

Thursday 12 April 2012

High Streets First is campaigning for a change in the law to give local communities a say over the number of betting shops in their area. At the moment betting shops are classified the same as banks, job centres...

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Why Gambling Watch UK is needed?

Opportunities for gambling in Britain have increased very considerably in the last 20 years and were given further encouragement with the passing of the 2005 Gambling Act. The latest British Gambling Prevalence Survey, carried out in 2009/10, found that between one third and one half a million British adults experienced a gambling problem in the previous 12 months.
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Our Mission and Aims

Gambling Watch UK is an organisation, independent of Government or the gambling industry, which exists to question the present policy of support for the expansion of gambling in the UK and to propose alternative policies which would have the effect of preventing such expansion, which it's members believe is harmful from a public health perspective ...
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We believe there is overwhelming support for the view that there are already too many opportunities for gambling and that this is bad for individual, family and community health, but our voices need to be heard if we are to influence public policy. If you agree with the Mission and Aims of Gambling Watch UK, then please register your support.
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