Gambling Watch UK is a new organisation and an early task is to decide on a small number of campaigns to focus our efforts on. Below are listed a few possibilities. If you would like to comment on any of these ideas or would like to pledge your support for Gambling Watch UK, please get in touch via the contact page.

1. Campaign for official and public recognition that gambling creates problems that are properly seen as public health problems and that consequently the Department of Health should be one of the lead government departments concerned with gambling.

2. Support the campaign for local governments to have the power to limit the number of gambling venues in their areas. Gambling Watch UK supports the High Streets First Campaign - see UK News.

3. Challenge a number of current gambling advertisements on the grounds that they contravene principles of consumer protection or the requirement to protect children and young people, and more generally to call into question the role of advertising in promoting gambling, particularly at hours and on media seen by children.

4. Campaign for the removal of Fixed Odds Betting Machines (B2 machines) from high street betting shops.

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  • After looking for help online for a family member who had a gambling problem, I was inundated with gambling ads, which had never appeared before. Gambling ads as bad as cigarette ads in my opinion. You have my support here.

    about 4 months ago
  • Alexis Permalink

    I am disgusted with the amount of gambling adverts on tv, they are relentless and pray on the vulnerable. My child is growing up seeing this on tv and I feel it is time to stop all this advertising, if the government feel this is acceptable bring back smoking adverts and drinking adverts during the day and do a proper job of messing up our children's lives. Gambling is a mugs game, no matter how much they try to ram it down my throat I won't gamble, I'd rather burn the money then give it to them.

    about 3 months ago
  • Ian Permalink

    Someone very close to me has just become a victim of these Sharks.

    A unassuming, kind and gentle person they circled waiting for her to be at her lowest and attacked.

    Their in your face advertising and temptation should be banned and the sites closed down. There is no social or national advantage to these companies they serve only to line the pockets of the already rich and can cause misery to those caught in its grasp.

    If anyone knows of any groups or organisations that are battling these monsters please let me know

    about 2 months ago
  • Giuseppe torzillo Permalink

    Any class of person can get involved in gambling.Maybe hypnosis or cognitive therapy is the answer,but I have gambled on online casinos,in the bookies.The fixed odds betting terminals are destroying peoples lives..I have seen it and though its not destroyed my life,its always lurking in the background.What im trying to say is that once a gambler,then the tendency is to want to get that thrill,and one day a person could have a mad moment,and blow thousands and thousands of pounds.Who would be interested in meeting up for a discussion on ideas to curtail peoples gambling problems?

    about 1 month ago
  • Dickie Permalink

    My exwife gambled £20k in 9 months.

    about 1 month ago
  • Lou Permalink

    I strongly believe that all online gambling sites should be closed and advertising should be banned. It is so easy to get hooked and you don't see the money leave your hand when you gamble online. You just pop in your card details and bam, deposit , deposit, deposit. The next thing you know your money is gone and you feel distraught.

    There is no protection for vulnerable people, seriously something needs to be done to close these sites and stop this happening.

    about 1 month ago
  • Ann Stephen Permalink

    It disgusts me that gambling ads are allowed on tv and online, so many lives have been and will be destroyed if something isn't done to stop vulnerable people being sucked into this horrible addiction. All it takes for bad , greedy people to succeed is for good people to sit back and do nothing! They banned smoking ads, why is gambling so seemingly acceptable in our society.

    about 1 month ago
  • Andrea Permalink

    I have got a bad gambling addiction and dont know what to do. I have tried anti gambling software it doesnt work. My relationship is breaking down and im on antidepressants so doesnt get much worse. Ban these greedy sites. You will never gain anything from them and ban the adds. Its as bad as smoking if not worse.

    about 3 weeks ago
  • David Permalink

    It's time the uk government puts it's citizens before the big corporations. I don't care if the TV companies will lose millions in ad revenue, in my eyes it's dirty money and they shouldn't want it, there's so much pain and misery attached to every pound they make from the gambling industry. These adverts are the worst triggers for me, I know it's illogical to want to gamble more after losing so much, but that's the nature of this horrible addiction. The gambling companies know this, they are masters of psychology, they use very intentionally placed sounds and images to catch the addict off guard. In my opinion they are no better than drug pushers!

    It's time to put uk citizens first and ban all advertising for gambling. If I had my way I'd also block access to all international gaming sites, these companies base themselves in tax free locations, so I suspect uk makes very little from them, apart from things like advertising, perhaps the reason why the government is so reluctant to ban the ads. It's also massive drain on the economy, put the uk first and at least impose restrictions on the international companies from operating here. In Cyprus they have already done it, they have blocked access to all international online casinos and I applaud them for that.

    about 5 days ago
  • Darren Permalink

    They won't ban it as its the replacement tax for the the dying out cigarettes tax,plus the government don't care,

    about 5 days ago

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Friday, October 20, 2017
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Opportunities for gambling in Britain have increased very considerably in the last 20 years and were given further encouragement with the passing of the 2005 Gambling Act. The latest British Gambling Prevalence Survey, carried out in 2009/10, found that between one third and one half a million British adults experienced a gambling problem in the previous 12 months.
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Gambling Watch UK is an organisation, independent of Government or the gambling industry, which exists to question the present policy of support for the expansion of gambling in the UK and to propose alternative policies which would have the effect of preventing such expansion, which it's members believe is harmful from a public health perspective ...
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