Gambling with Lives

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Gambling with Lives (GwL) is a new group started by the parents of a young man with a gambling addiction who committed suicide. They are naturally grief stricken but also very angry at the way they believe their son was, in their words, groomed and targeted by the online gambling industry, and at the Government which is doing so little about this. They described their son's addiction to Dominic Lawson whose extensive piece about this appeared in the Daily Mail on June 25th. Reading it will make you distressed and angry too.

They have been joined by others who have experienced the same kind of tragic bereavements through gambling. In fact they have looked at what research there is on gambling and suicide, and have estimated that somewhere between 250 and 650 suicides each year in the UK may be gambling-related. The GwL website is and they would like to hear from others affected by gambling-related suicide at

GwL’s stated priorities are: raising awareness of the potentially fatal consequences of gambling; the £2 maximum stake on FOBTs to be implemented NOW and for £2 to be the maximum stake for all online slot and casino betting; gambling to be seen as a public health issue; the industry levy to be greatly increased to 1% of gross profits; NHS treatment to be hugely increased and to include support for families. Gambling Watch UK agrees with all of those aims and strongly supports GwL.


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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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