Jim Orford from Gambling Watch UK talks to George Galloway

Written by Professor Jim Orford on .

George Galloway and his wife Gayatri wanted to know how gambling has been allowed to get so out of hand. In this interview Jim gives them an overview of how this has happened, how significant was the careless policy of the New Labour government, and how the gambling industry has been allowed to set the gambling policy agenda.

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  • claire sainsbury Permalink

    Thank you for this very useful interview with Professor Jim Orford. I work as a problem gambling counsellor with Gamcare and I feel the challenge of controlling or stopping gambling is made unnecessarily difficult because of the incessant advertising of gambling through TV, mobile and internet channels from which compulsive gamblers struggle to escape. I think Gambling Watch UK is an excellent initiative owing to independent status and I am willing to support the organisation where I am able.

    about 3 years ago

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